David Wallis, Alison Shaw, and Kenneth Vincent
July 2, 2017 - July 15, 2017

 Summertime on the Vineyard starts with the first opening for the Granary Gallery season. Stop by for a cool drink between 5-7:00pm on Sunday evening, July 2nd, and see the new works by:

Alison Shaw - When people think about the photography of Martha's Vineyard they think of Alison Shaw's timeless images. Alison has been an active part of the Vineyard art scene since her early days working behind the desk at the Old Sculpin Gallery and as an Art Director for the MV Gazette. But Alison never rests on her laurels, she is as dedicated to her craft today as she was when she started out, maintaining a high-energy schedule - photographing, teaching, and running her own gallery. She has shown with the Granary Gallery for over 25 years, continuing to grace the gallery walls and to be a critical piece to any Vineyard art collection.

David Wallis - We are pleased to feature David Wallis's new works in our opening show of the 2017 season! For the last two decades David has dedicated himself to his art, his family and the arts community of Martha's Vineyard. Many of you know him as the mainstay of the Granary Gallery, welcoming each visitor with his warm and easy manor. His new body of work demonstrates his painterly precision and mastery of watercolor, laced with humor and personal expression.

Kenneth Vincent - Kenneth is truly "Island Grown." He comes from a long line of fisherman and farmers on the island. His work references these roots, portraying an understanding of the history behind the pastoral landscapes and scenic island vistas we all love. His latest works capture the beauty of the Island through his unique eye, use of color, and confident brushwork.