Full Season Schedule
June 24, 2018 - September 1, 2018

13 shows | 35+ featured artists | unlimited inspiration for 2018

JUNE 24 THE GRANARY Wendy Lichtensteiger Alison Shaw Scott Terry

JUNE 28 NORTH WATER Elise Phillips, Kate Salenfriend

JULY 1 FIELD GALLERY Kenneth Pillsworth Colin Ruel Jhenn Watts

JULY 8 THE GRANARY Cindy Kane, Kenneth Vincent, David Wallis

JULY 12 NORTH WATER Carol Maguire Craig Mooney

JULY 15 FIELD GALLERY Traeger di Pietro, Benjamin M. Johnson

JULY 22 THE GRANARY Heidi Lang-Parrinello Steve Mills Jeanne Staples

JULY 26 NORTH WATER Jim Holland, Meg Mercier, Nell Mercier

JULY 29 FIELD GALLERY Jennifer Christy Max Decker Michael Stimola

AUGUST 5 THE GRANARY Ross Coppelman, Wolf Kahn, Vivian Maier, Heather Neil, Don Wilks

AUGUST 9 NORTH WATER Traeger di Pietro Brandon Newton

AUGUST 12 FIELD GALLERY Ruth Hamill, Tommy May

AUGUST 19 THE GRANARY Thomas Hart Benton, Terry Crimmen, Mary Sipp Green, Vaclav Vytlacil